What Worked for me – Journey from 145KG to 86KG

Alright, I am writing this blog to pass on the details on how I lost the weight. The picture on the left shows my highest weight I have ever been and my current position on the right. I followed the following routine to push through the excessive weight and I lost 18 KGs in almost 12-13 weeks.

Please note that this is what worked on me, not necessarily you have to follow this (if you are planning for it). You can change the plan to better fit your requirements. If possible, hire a gym trainer to assist you with exercises. It really helps a lot.

The combination of healthy eating and intense workout worked for me. Before going to this very strict plan, I used to be regular at gym and used to eat healthy, but I wasn’t dropping any weight, I was sort of stuck.

Me ...Before & After

Me …Before & After

Eating / Drinking:

I started having 6 meals a day with 2-3 hours interval. The same routine was followed for 7 days a week.
Meal 1: 100g of Oat meal, Protein powder (Vanilla) and a few blueberries
Tip: I used to Soak Oats, Blueberries with water overnight and put them in fridge and eat in the morning

Meal 2: 100g of fried Basa fish (Fried in Macadamia oil) and Green salad (Capsicum, Celery, Cucumber etc)
Tip: I used to heat up Chicken / Fish in microwave, but vegetables / salad used to be room temperature.

Meal 3: 100g of Baked Chicken Breast, 100g of Green vegetables, 10 almonds
Tip: I didn’t drink water at least for half an hour after each meal

Meal 4: 100g of Baked Chicken Breast, 100g of Green vegetables, 2 boiled eggs
Tip : This is pre-workout meal. I used to consume this at least 90 minute before I start my workout.

Meal 5: 1 scoop of WPI Protein Powder (0 carb, 0 FAT, 25g Protein) + 1 tsp of Psyllium husk (Fiber supplement)
Tip : This is post-workout meal. I used to consume this immediately after I finish my walk on trade mill.

Meal 6: 100g of Baked Chicken Breast, 100g of Green vegetables
Tip : I used to have my last meal at least an hour before going to bed

Note1: I was recommended to take Tuna Fish, but I don’t like it, so I replaced it with Basa Fish
Note 2: Only spice you can use is black pepper, no salt, no Shan / other spices
Note 3: I eat chicken in three meals because I can’t eat beef. You can replace chicken with beef/Turkey in meals.
Note 4: I was very strict with timing and eating quantities. Even when I used to go to friends place for gathering / meal, I used to have my own meal box to eat.

– First thing after waking up in the morning, I used to take a cup of black coffee and go for brisk walk for 30 minutes (I was able to walk around 4KMs in that time)

– In the evening, after Meal 3, I used to go to gym for an hour. Half an hour, I will do intense weight training workout, followed by 30 minute walk on Trade mill (I used to walk at 6.5 KM/Hour, 5.0% Incline)

– Intense weight training workout involved, warm up on Cycle, Cross trainer or trade mill running for 6-10 minutes followed by intense weight lifting exercise (low weight, high reps) and ending with a brisk walk.

– On Mondays, I worked on my Arms, Legs on Tuesday, Chest on Wednesday, Back on Thursday, and Friday was dedicated for Shoulders. Saturday, Saturday was rest in terms of exercise, but food intake will remain same.

I could tell whether I have worked hard in gym or not. I have worked hard, if
1. If I am thinking of staying at gym overnight and sleep on the floor
2. I am thinking 10-15 minutes before I leave gym to reach my car
3. I am home but don’t want to go upstairs to sleep
4. My T-shirt is wet and I can see that in the mirror

I remember at least three times, because of intense training, I was about to throw up! No, that’s not the only reason I hate my trainer now 😛


– Every day, I drink at least 5 Litres of water to keep myself full. Drinking cold water is better than drinking room temperature.

Weight Loss:
– It’s hard to get the consistent weight loss every week, but I used to get on average 2-3 pounds a week. I measure my weight Every Sunday morning in the same condition. i.e. T-Shirt + Trouser + no sandals
– I am not sure, but I believe, my body fat has reduced by more than 25% in total.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy journey. At the end, it’s worth it. It takes a week or two to get used to the routine, but I started liking routine when my pants became loose. There are several people, relatives, friends who will say “Eat today only and you can go back to diet tomorrow”, but I chose not to listen to them. After sometime I started seeing the difference everyone started supporting me… my friends, relatives, and family, no one pushed me to eat, everyone respected my decision.

If you are planning to go on diet or loose weight, my personal suggestion would be to go slow and adopt change slowly… If you rush to a very intense diet / workout, either you will break yourself or you will hate your life! Best wishes.


10 Responses to “What Worked for me – Journey from 145KG to 86KG”

  1. Saad Says:

    Man! It’s inspiring.

  2. Om Perkash Says:

    Thanks Saad 🙂

  3. Owais Awan Says:

    Thanks Brother…, really a source of inspiration bhai

  4. aqsa Says:

    OMG! I cannot even believe the person titled ‘before’ is you. Woah!

  5. Guddi Says:

    Great job bhai;)

  6. Om Perkash Says:

    Thank you Guddi 🙂

  7. zeeshan ali Says:

    Awesome job done ohmii ….
    Well done yaar best wishes for ur future

  8. Abdul Ghani Says:

    Great boss kya bat hai aapki

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